Fabulous Facials from our Dream Team

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Spa Facials

Mini Express Facial $65

Aquatherm Hydration Facial $99

Clear Balance Acne Facial $99

Power Hylauronic $119

Power C Facial $129

DermaPeel Pro (Timeless/Brightening) $160

Eternal Facial $199

Eternal Prodigy $295

Book your fabulous facial today and let our dream team take care of you.

Dream Facials

Enjoy a wide range of facials available from Dream Catcher Spa.

We offer everything from Express Mini Facials for a fast effective refresh in less than 30 minutes, to Timeless Prodigy Brightening Facials. Call our dream to to discuss what facial might be right for you.

We also offer free skin analysis to help choose the right products and services for your specific skin type.